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The overall mission of Arlo series from the Netgear is to provide the security to its users by providing some of the best lookout devices in the market. The Netgear is one of the most refined brands in the manufacturing of wireless networking and communication devices likes the routers and modems. Besides providing the networking products, Netgear has also developed its Arlo series that deals with the live video surveillance products like the Arlo cameras.

Arlo Firmware Update

Arlo camera firmware update usually happens once every three months while the larger ones happens once in a year The Firmware update of Arlo cameras usually happens automatically as long as it is connected to the base station and has a battery life of at least 20%. If a firmware update is released while your camera is turned off or the battery is low, the firmware update happens automatically within 24 hours after you turn the camera back on, ensure that it is connected to the base station and ensure that the battery is not low.

But sometimes, you might be required to update it manually under certain circumstances. Follow below steps and apply the same for a quick update.

How to Update Netgear Arlo Firmware

Steps for Arlo Q, Arlo Q Plus and Arlo Go Firmware Update:

. Open Arlo App on Your Phone
. To access it from Arlo official website open website url – arlo.netgear.com
. To to the top menu and tap on settings.
. List of cameras may appear on your screen
. Select your camera and click on device info.
. Click on Firmware
. Now choose update option and update will begin.
. Now just wait for it to get updated and after it is done, you can stream the cameras again.

Steps for Arlo and Arlo Pro Firmware Update:

. Open the app and go to settings
. Click on devices and select the device again.
. Choose the device info and after that firmware. Click on update.
. Make sure the base station is on during the process.
. Now wait until Arlo base station firmware gets updated.
. In order to check the status, check power LED to the base station. If it blinks green, which mean it is being downloaded. When the light blinks solid green, it means that the firmware update is complete.

Steps for Arlo Wire free and Arlo Wire free Pro malware update:

. Log in to your Arlo account and under settings, choose “device info” then “device setting” after that click on my device name. Make sure not to open the battery door or remove the battery while the update is in progress.
. The LED will turn off for some minutes. Wait for it to turn back on and blink rapidly in a blue hue which will indicate that the update is done.

If you face issue like Arlo Camera Rejected, upgrade request or other issues, then connect with the Arlo officials and get an instant solution.

When this happens, you must at least know how to proceed with steps. You can get this information by calling our Arlo customer support. There are many versions of Arlo cameras, you will be shown how to manually update the firmware of these different versions.

How to Setup Arlo Pro Camera System:

Setting up your Arlo system involves these following steps:

(1) Set up your base system:

• With the help of an Ethernet cable, connect the base station with your router

• Connect the AC adapter on electrical outlet and press the on-off button.

• The power LED and the internet LED will start blinking.

Arlo Camera Setup

2) Register for an Arlo account:

• Open a browser and enter arlo.com/login in the address bar.

• Tap on ‘New System Setup’ and complete the required fields and click on continue.  

• From the drop-down menu, choose your base station’s serial number and your time zone.

• Choose a service plan of your choice.

(3) Setup and sync your  Arlo cameras:

Setup Arlo camera

• Slide the battery door and lift it up to open the battery compartment

• Now, insert two batteries near the back of the camera.

• Insert other two batteries near the compartment hinge and the battery door.

Sync your cameras

• Bring your camera within 1- 3 feet of the base station.

• Press and release the sync button and wait for the sync station LED on the base station to light green.

• Repeat for each camera.

Setup and Sync Your Arlo Cameras

4. Positioning of cameras:

The positioning mode of Arlo Pro camera allows you to see what your camera sees. It is very important to keep the distance in mind while placing your camera.